I too am a life long Gary Cooper fan. I had the awesome thrill of meeting and talking to him when I was an 8 year old boy. My grandparents had a summer cabin the the Colorado mountains. One day, my grandfather took me over to Aspen, Colo. to meet Gary Cooper. He was standing next to a bench full of other men (downtown Aspen near a store) and they were talking to each other. I just went up to him and said "hello". He turned to me and said "Howdy son, how are you?" in that great Gary Cooper way. I don' t remember much of the other converstation with him, just that he took time away from the others he was talking and just chit chatted with me. It seemed like an hour, but my grandpa said it was only 5 minutes. I remember he put his hand on my head and gentle tossled my hair when we said goodbye. I remember looking into his eyes, even today. He had a charisma about him that was incredibly warm and friendly, like he was your best friend you hadn't seen for awhile.

Today, at 53, I still cherish that memory as one of the best of my Life.

Regards, Les Garrett